Brian saw his Metabolic/Neurologist Dr. Hass, He was AMAZED at how GREAT
Brian is doing and looking!! Mom got to look at his MRI's and compared then to the MRI he had done before his Transplant and the white matter in the brain has SIGNIFICANTLY
DECREASED! 4 other research Doctors came in to meet Brian! Dr. Hass is sending all of Brian's info to the Kennedy Kreiger Research department for ALD to follow Brian as well.

Brian is officially off the immune suppressant med (prograft) he is down to 5mg of prednisone every other day and on 7-31 no more!...He got a dose of IVIG and he is on antibiotics, lets hope  this will help the Lymph Nodes get back to normal. He had a cat scan done, waiting for results on that. Brian is doing AWESOME! Let's pray it keeps going that way and God keeps his healing hands on Brian.