Sorry I haven't posted updates, I have been at the hospital with Brian. He went in at 12:00pm for his SCOPING (upper & lower) there were several findings!! He has some Lesions in his Intestines, bumps in his esophagus and red bumps in his Intestines. We will get the results no later than Monday to see if it's GVHD. Mom said they have been back in his room for  2 hrs and the Doctor's never put an order in for him to be able to eat or drink anything!! He hasn't had anything solid since Monday night he is STARVING!! The Doctor's will be hearing from Brian when they come in his room!! Brian finally got to eat around 3:30 he had some Campbell Chicken Noodle soup his favorite which he eats bowls and bowls of every day, burnt popcorn another favorite of his and I won't say where he got that preference from LOL & hot cheetos, that was just a snack that he had in his room, he was just getting started, room service next. He is very very "CRANKY"!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for NO GVHD!♥