Brian is doing GREAT!!!!!!! Tomorrow is day 100 since his Transplant. The Doctors hear in San Diego that saw Brain when he was first diagnosed saw him for the 1st time since his Transplant and are very impressed at how well he is doing and how much he has to talk about!!!  Before all this happened Brian was a quiet little boy and in the past months he has changed so much, he has matured a lot and isn't quiet anymore!!!! His Mom says he talks all the time, she says they have some pretty serious conversations about life that he is curious about. He is a different kid that's for sure!!! Friday he has to go to Children's in Orange County to see the Doctor's for post transplant checkups. I will let you know how it goes. Brian is still under quarantine and is dealing with it pretty good, except he wants to be able to see his new baby cousin Austin when he is born and he can't, he is due any day now so we will take lots of pictures and videos so he doesn't feel left out. Please keep Brian in your prayers. Thanks